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Marketing That Moves Sales

dove capaign
marketing that moves sales

If you want to make moves in today’s market. You have to have an innovation mindset.

The market is noisy and customers are being exposed to so much information.

To win you have to dare to be different and pierce through the noise.

Part of your success determinant will be understanding your market and profiling your customer to the very basic elements.

Dove is a beauty company playing in an industry saturated with a lot of other products.

More than 20% of the advertising industry is filled with beauty products.

So what did dove do differently. They knew they had to do things differently.

The Beauty industry has always been known to use slim models for advertising campaigns.

However, Dove dissolved that notion with a campaign that all sizes can model for a product.

A lot of women received this good news and undersized market of plus size women knew that a company cared about them even more than their product.

This campaign was tagged Real Beauty Campaign and exposed the pretense of the beauty industry and then they went ahead to open a fund that catered to people with low self-esteem thereby empowering women to believe in themselves and then encouraging them to buy their products.

Doves sales jumped up during this campaign with more than 10+ million views on YouTube for their advertisement.

To win in your market. Then you need to understand your customers.

Ask yourself serious question like what drives them or the emotions attached to your products and then create marketing campaigns around this innovation and watch your Sales grow by the numbers.

If you are going to stay long in the market.

* Identify your industry vacuum.

* Focus on Innovative marketing practices.

* Profile your customers properly.

* Market using emotional triggers.

* Tell stories with your product or service.

dove capaign
marketing that moves sales