4 Steps to Avoid Getting Ghosted by Prospects

Getting into a new relationship is always exciting. There’s this vibe both parties emit expecting the relationship to last as long as possible. Then, one person ghosts.

Ghosting, according to Google, is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.
In the world of sales, it’s always painful when this happens, especially when you have a head to report to. You keep trying to give excuses about how the deal is still in the works. And for the sake of follow-ups, you can’t label the deal closed or lost just yet, so you keep calling and sending mails.
Still, no response.

This hurts both on a professional and personal level. To avoid it, we have to know why it happens.

1. It’s not a good time for them to commit

At the beginning of the sales process, your prospect may have genuinely been excited about your offer. The deal would have been closed.
Unfortunately, certain factors can’t be accounted for from their end. For example, low budget or disapproval from their company to purchase your product. And in today’s world, prospects may find it difficult to communicate and would rather evade your texts and calls than breaking the bad news.

2. They are uncertain it’s a good match

You’ve made your pitch in the best way possible. Now, it’s time for them to buy.
They seemed interested in your offer, asking questions and looking absorbed in your presentation but it doesn’t mean they were ready to commit just yet. They took time to think it through and decided that it wasn’t the best fit for their company. There are three common reasons for the change of heart.
• There is an essential fundamental missing from your offer which would have made your product what they actually needed.
• Your product would be difficult to learn, use or implement in their organization
• They encountered a negative review about your company.
Whatever the reason might be, they decided to go quiet because they weren’t sure how to communicate their change of mind or would love to use your company as a back-up option for further dealings in future.

3. Your competition caught their eye

Just like modern dating, your prospects are evaluating other options before settling for you.
They could be in discussions with your competitors. Or even already in partnership with one.
So, when you get the silent treatment, regardless of the initial attraction, it’s possible they have moved on to a competitor or in contract with one already and feel uneasy about leaving that partnership.

4. They’re too busy to text back

Most times we forget there’s life outside our professional life. There could be personal reasons behind their disappearance. Some of these reasons could be vacation, work trip, health, company crises, family-related or if your lead is still with the company.
If you are still unable to contact your lead, try connecting with one of the company’s receptionist or an assistant or close departmental colleague. You could get more insight on what the actual issue is.

Most likely, their disappearance has little to do with you or your company and more to do with their personal and professional concerns. But now that you’ve gotten the four major reasons while you are being left “on read.”

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