As a Software Developer, Engineer, and/or Programmer; What’s Your Greatest Fear?
Where should I start?

The destructive cycle of hiring inept developers because they have 5 years of experience on a resume and memorized enough code from stack overflow to pass a coding challenge will continue.

Developers with 10 years of experience becoming managers because they copy and pasted enough code from stack overflow.

Hiring managers that gauge potential employees by their ability to memorize syntax as opposed to actually knowing how to program.

Hiring managers that don’t know the difference between an abstract class and an interface

Interviews where the manager spews a long string of nonsensical buzz words.

Companies that say they want a developer when really they want a mindless code monkey.

Companies that think free chips and coke are benefits.

Companies that think free chips and coke are a replacement for actual health insurance.

Companies that think “Cool Well Funded Tech Startup” is a good idea to put as the company name on a Jobs search website. I guess startups have to protect themselves because we all know people are lining up outside for a chance to work for a company no one’s ever heard of before.

How the growing state of ineptitude of the software industry in Nigeria, will cost the country it’s position as a super power.

Startups not giving a crap and deploying software before it’s been properly tested if at all to meet a deadline.

Startups not knowing that they should test software before it’s deployed. Seriously test your project!.

Developers that actually believe you can learn a language in an hour.

Developers that actually believe that with stack overflow you can learn a framework or library

Developers that actually believe that Beginner to Pro book will actually make them a pro.

Developers that think buttons in a file with 5 different groups of buttons is good documentation.

Developers that think a library or framework is good because it’s made by Google.


Developers that think they have to use a certain technology because it’s the new cool kid on the block regardless if it has anything to do with what they’re trying to accomplish.

Developers that can’t write a test case to save their lives.

Developers that push their ineptitude on someone else.



People who believe they can become a developer by taking a 12 week boot camp.

And the list goes on… and on… and on. Seriously the quality of software has really been bottoming out recently.

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