B2B Marketing in 2019

Marketing effectively is tough to get; from budgeting, demands from the sales team, and determining the best fit target for your audience can be an ever-changing daunting task.

However, I think two things constitute the bone of B2B marketing.


Organizations and companies need leads now and then; some leads are convertible in the first instance, but for B2B in many organizations where salespeople try to sell to, they often are faced with gatekeepers in those organization or decision-makers which makes an instant decision very low.

The lead conversion rate for many people might fall between 10% – 20 % of the total leads they generate within a particular period, which means you need more and more people in your poll as a salesperson. In B2B, quick wins are not an easy bet, leads need time to make decisions, and some take three or even six months to make final purchasing decisions which can also change when the competition has a better offering.


Organizations and people in key decision positions that impact overall revenue and growth will only buy from a product or service that they know can meet their corporate goals. This can be done effectively by educating your leads through different tools such as:

  •  E-mail marketing: ( A recent studies showed that 10% and more of your leads would buy over time when educated continuously on your services or product).
  • Content Marketing: Research paper, blogs, informative videos, social media marketing and articles that refer to industry and market offering appeals to decision-makers which is part of the buyer journey and much of a mix and match.

How does your B2B marketing work for you 2019? Do share.

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Seun Odegbami Head, Brand & Marketing Communications, SalesRuby|Podcast Host|Cofounder|Content Writer|Published articles. Following B2B Marketing to B2C Marketing is very different and in 2019 with some many platforms changing the way we do business, how do you manage your leads or source for leads.

Is it rational to expect B2B buyers to buy instantly or do you nurture your leads? hashtag#B2Bhashtag#Saleshashtag#MarketingLike. Comment. Share

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