Five common reasons why people become entrepreneurs

Distinctive responses will undoubtedly be received if we ask the number of entrepreneurs their story of becoming one. Venturing into the battlefield of entrepreneurship is making the decision to choose an option that has no guarantee and instant return on investment. Undoubtedly, the decision comes with reasons.

Here are six popular reasons why people choose to become an entrepreneur.


The strong desire to be engaged in something is a barely controllable emotion. Most entrepreneurs are passion-driven, they have an insatiable drive for achieving set goals. Some entrepreneurs really did not start a business mainly to make money; they did for the joy of doing what they love. Similarly, a good number of employees have quit their jobs for utmost fulfilment; as doing what you love all day could feel like doing no work.


The routine activities that are common in 9-to-5 jobs can be boredom for creative people, it can be a deal-breaker for them. In addition to the entrepreneurial skill that emanates naturally from bringing innovative ideas to life, the urge to maximize full potential is what led some people to entrepreneurship. They see their business as an opportunity to do something different often and try new adventures.

The Boss

The feeling of being the top banana in an organization can be incomparable. Not having to act according to anybody’s instruction is a great deal, this is one of the primary reasons why some people dive into the pool of risk. Entrepreneurship allows people to control their space and totally own themselves. This has always been an enormous difference between entrepreneurs and employees.

Change Maker

Entrepreneurship journey can ensue from being unsatisfied with the status quo. The best among entrepreneurs are phenomenal problem-solvers and change-makers. As Guy Kawasaki, a market specialist said, “entrepreneur is not a job title, it is the state of mind of altering the future.” Which simply means that while the people with 9-to-5 jobs are busy with routines, entrepreneurs see profit in bridging an identified gap which in turn make positive changes to the society. In a related note, some people starts their business because they want to be employers, this could be related to the will to reduce the unemployment rate of their immediate community.

Financial independence

Absolute financial independence is generally believed to exist when you live beyond salary. Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, affirmed this in his quote “Financial independence is the ability to live from the income of your own personal resources”. Despite the guarantee associated with salary receipt, some loyalists would still choose self-employment over-employed jobs because they cherish the feeling of not waiting for a paycheck before they can deploy money for financial need. However, financial independence in entrepreneurship can take time to manifest, depending on the type and scale of the business.

Best Alternative

Though a self-owned business must be passion-filled and interest-driven, entrepreneurship is just a world that surpasses reality of idleness to certain people. This set of people started a business because it is seen as the best alternative to getting their dream job. They are entrepreneurs by chance due to lack of educational qualification or unavailability of their choice. In reality, some business owners prefer ‘white-collar’ posts, but they play for time in their self-owned business peradventure they develop the preference for it and eventually make it a way of life.

In a nutshell, entrepreneurs cannot exist in a vacuum, the journey must have been prompted by one or more reasons stated above.

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