Five Critical Things to Improve If You Want to Double Sales Results
Five critical things for sales results

As 2019 winds to a close if there is something that must improve it is your sales result. If you really want your sales results to improve there are 5 core areas where you must grow capacity in:

  1. Prospecting value at scale- Sales is a game of numbers. You cannot prospect 5 leads and expect to close all. You cannot prospect just any kind of leads and expect to be able to sell at a premium. In prospecting, quality matters. Quantity matters; just as much!
  2. Your conversations- The quality of your sales conversations matter more than the quality of your products. If you have the best product but without the capacity to drive quality sales-bound conversations you will almost always lose to inferior products. Superior products are just not enough again. Superior sales conversations are also needed. Please mind my choice of word “conversation”. People stopped listening to sales pitches in the 90s. What I encourage you to drive is a two-way conversation that encourages people to open up and build confidence.
  3. An undying love for your product- Your sales pitch is no more convincing than you are convinced about your offering. Before you sell that product you need to sell first to yourself. When you love and believe in your product the buyer can see. When you don’t, the buyer can see.
  4. Deep indisputable product knowledge- It is interesting how many companies develop new product categories without developing a product paper. A product paper is a guide to understanding the USP of the product that you sell
  5. Learn emotional intelligence- Today’s buyer has come full cycle. He is evolved. His expectations are very high. Beyond great product quality he expects and indeed deserves an excellent buying experience and he would by no means relieve you of that duty. If you will really do well going into 2020 you have got to learn emotional intelligence and its relevance to closing deals.

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Bunmi Jembola

Nigeria’s No 1 Sales Trainer & CEO, SalesRuby

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