Five Reasons You Aren’t Closing Deals

Here are five brief but vital reasons you may not be closing those massive deals and smashing financial figures. If your sales aren’t progressing, there is most likely something wrong with your approach. One wrong step and that deal might blow to smithereens.

  • You are trying too hard to be nice

While it’s good to be nice, don’t be so nice that you do not push for the sale. Prospect says to me very often they can’t buy my training because they are not making much money. I’m empathetic. 

I understand how it feels when you don’t sell. I press nonetheless because I know my training is the tool these set of people needs to take them out of poor sales. They won’t see it on their own; hence, it’s my duty to push. I won’t try so hard to be nice and abandon my objective of selling.

  • You didn’t leave room for negotiation

If you are not selling off-the-shelf items like biscuits, then you should leave some room for negotiation. People often want to have a feeling they got a bargain so if they ever insist on getting a deal a discount should be a part of your cards. It pays to use it to have the customer buy more. You could place a buy-two discount offer that compels the buyer to buy more.

  • You are not convinced of the value of your offering

Nothing can hold you back as much as an internal objection. Are you assured of the value of your product which would? You cannot sell it if you aren’t. It will often show when you speak. Customers’ conviction depends on how efficient and useful you portray your product or service. 

  • You assumed the need

However intelligent you are you should never “think for the customer”. Educate them. Guide them, but never think for them. If you do not listen, then you stand the chance of selling what a prospect does not need. What happens? No sale.

  • You are just trying

Players who go to the pitch to play draw hardly ever wins. If your goal is to “try” then you can’t sell. People who close sales are those who sell like their lives depend on it. They do not take anything for granted.

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