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Four Questions every Revenue focused CEO must ask themselves.


As someone who is working in a technology sales organization, I know of the one job of Sales people which is revenue. CEO’s as well as team leads know this and know it is a big task.

They all leverage on data, finding creative ways to generate leads, train or equip their team.

Growing your organization would involve marketing campaigns, increasing top of the funnel for your sales team, leveraging outside sources which can increase revenue.

While this are crucial there some basic key questions every CEO must ask themselves that can exponentially impact sales.

1. What is our Strategy? The famous Japanese warrior Sun Tzu once quoted that all warfare is based on deception. It starts and ends will a clear strategy. What is your 2020 revenue strategy? How are we expanding into the industry? What are the tools we want to take advantage of ?

When you start with a mind-blow strategy you can do evaluations. Research opportunities, check your latent revenue streams and market dynamics. This is key to your revenue strategy.

2.Which structure is available: A structure without a framework will fall. This is one of critical success elements of execution. Your strategy will be dead on arrival without a base.  This is where you need to understand the type of messaging , content and support required.

Do you intend to use outbound sales or inbound sales. Where are we starting from and to which location. It also includes your sales operation and sales enablement solution which we currently deploy at SalesRuby limited.

3.People: Which is one the single most important of the four and the biggest issue organizations face, you can have all the process and strategies in the world. However without the right people in the right roles then nothing happens. They are your executors and if don’t hire the right people then execution will be poor and down goes your revenue plans.

4.Process: Have a look at the processes in place, how does your current pipeline look like, what is your customers buying experience in this process, how do you engage leads, process for hiring, is the right process in place to deliver results.

When you implement an efficient and flawless process, it can be likened to giving a turtle wings to fly.

Increasing revenue must be targeted, precise, aligned with set of objectives across these four areas.

If your revenue team isn’t delivering you will find the problem in one of these areas; either the strategy isn’t grounded, the structure doesn’t support the strategy, or you have the wrong people are in the wrong roles or the right processes aren’t in place.

When any of this are out of line, then driving revenue won’t happen and you can say goodbye to revenue growth.

Revenue strategy, structure, people and process, are the key ways to grow revenue, so get them right by consulting us for your consulting, recruitment needs and sales enablement solution by calling 09070047681 or sales@salesruby.com