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Gaining from the Coronavirus

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It’s no longer news that the coronavirus has affected the order of things. Prices have hiked, stocks have dropped, economy is unstable and many more.

Institutions have shut down; academic, financial, religious and various workplaces. Now, we don’t know how long this will last because the virus still lingers in certain countries and increasing in others.

So, while we wait in our homes for the scientists to do their jobs in finding a cure for this deadly disease, what can we do with our extra time?

There is so much noise going on in various social media platforms about staying at home and it’s now very obvious that we have a lot of time on our hands. The best advice anyone would give you right now is to use that time for personal development.

Personal development is the all round improvement  of awareness and identity, developing talents and potential, building human capital and facilitating employability, enhancing the quality of life and contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

In simple terms, it is becoming better than you were before.

Here are a few ways to keep in check during this trying time:

  1. Read books: any kind of book is fine. It could be self help, religious, marriage, business or even novels for creativity. No knowledge is a waste.
  2. Online quiz: depends on what you are trying to achieve, there are lots of online quiz and tests that helps us know who or what we are and how to develop ourselves.
  3. Exercise: in our daily hustle and bustle, a lot of us have actually not had a single workout session in months. Take this time to work on your physical image. Burn that fat today.
  4. Online courses: now that you can’t attend classes, there are a lot of free and paid classes you can have from the comfort of your home such as tutorials point, udemy, sololearn, etc. Pick one and learn as much as you can.

When the whole corona episode ends, a lot of things might change. Organizations might lay off some staff, institutions might not open immediately and more. No one would want to be that person that lost everything to the virus. Start today to develop yourself so you would come out of this a better person. Until then, keep safe, stay at home and follow all the processes set by WHO and other trustworthy health organizations around you.