The position of the sales manager is very vital, this is because he/she is not just a sales person but has been chosen to fill the role as an excellent performer primarily because of his/her experience either by promotion or as a fresh hire into the organization. However, even as a fresh hire, coping with transitioning into the new position could be tasky, and even for a few, most especially when you have been promoted from the team lead position, others task themselves with the challenges ahead.

Top sales performers do not have in-born sales skills neither were they born with effective management skills to lead their team. Irrespective of what the candidate has brought to the table, he/she might not be the perfect man for the role but the employer can groom him/her to be the performer they desire.

Whether your desired performer is an external candidate or the best from your top sales performers, here are a few tips to guide your decision:

PLAYING THE ROLE: Transitioning into a new position could be tasky at times, often times new hires get confused at taking critical decisions attached to the new role. Playing out responsibilities as A Team Lead, Supervisor or even a Top Sales Performer is generally different from the managerial role. At this point, the responsibility as a sales person becomes totally different from playing the role of a manager because varying skill sets are now required. Even if the candidate is a new hire or promoted from within the ranks, organizations must be committed to a development plan to internally develop the manager they desire in the candidate.

AN ACTOR OR AN INVENTOR: Some organizations just wants to stick to a standard procedure or a standard mode of operation and all they need is a diligent actor to play the managerial role according to the books/company policy. However, the expected role of the manager is to be a game changer, to mentor an army of the sales force of the company including to curate and execute a firm framework to achieve targets.

DOES THE PERSON SPEAK THE ROLE: Current trends in company organograms or hierarchy have created loads of titles attached to positions, from Analysts to Senior Analysts, Senior Associates, Director etc. As a company, your new sales manager might be for a Director Level, and one of the things you want to look out for is putting into consideration if the candidate speaks the role. The level of a Director (Director of Sales) comes with a high level of responsibility including interacting with most of the company’s biggest clients.

MEETING THE CANDIDATEThe interview avails the opportunity of meeting the candidate, top considerations must be based on the fact that this is a vital role and obviously because of the nature and experience of attached, the candidate must be fully armed to wow the hiring team. Most of your interactions at the interview should highlight on team management, restructuring and most importantly building internal (interdepartmental) relationships to allow for a seamless flow of internal business operations.

Getting the right hands to champion your sales force comes with no form of ease. It is also not decision to be made at a snap. Your Sales Champ must have excellent performance records and mut give positive signals to prove his/her ability in a short interaction.

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