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How to Hire an Excellent Sales Manager That Exceeds Target


Are you having difficulty hiring a Sales Manager or Head of Sales that perform excellently on the job?

Here are a few points to note in your next hiring.

First, you need to look towards people who have sold what you want them to sell, even if it is for 6 months. For every new product, there is a learning curve and if a candidate has not already crossed that curve they would do so burning your first few months’ salary.

Second, every exceptional Sales Lead needs ambition. If you do not see ambition in that guy when you interview him, he probably does not have it. When he leans back to respond in slipshod manners with emotionless retorts in an interview scenario it is an indication of lethargy. That person cannot deliver jack!

Understanding of strategy- If you will lead my sales team I expect you to understand the market and other key players. I expect you to have a few of the figures in terms of market size, average deal size, market penetration options. Now you may say “but he is new?” Yes, I agree he is new. But if he would not take some time to do very painstaking research when he is about to get in; he probably would never go above and beyond to claim the market; may be not even for his customers.

Leadership- Sales Managers who are excellent solo performers are not necessarily the best you need to lead your team. If you do not know how to read and harness individual technical capabilities within a sales context I can’t make you my Head of Sales.

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