How to Hire Top Talent in the COVID-19 Economy

Considering the state of the current Nigeria economy, every single business decision you make will be more important now than ever before. Companies large and small find themselves clinging onto the edge of a cliff, determined not to fall, during the COVID-19 crisis.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t stand a chance against the hard-hitting effects of the pandemic; they’ve been forced to scale back operations and downsize staff, resulting in millions of displaced workers across the country.

However, not every business has been negatively impacted by the global pandemic. Businesses in certain industries are actually thriving amidst the economic downturn, leading to the need of more staff to support a surge in demand.

In the process of looking for new hires, here are three tips to consider in recruiting the best talents.

Take a Shift

In other to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the safety precautions of maintaining social distancing and avoiding large gatherings is very vital. Taking all the recruitment process online is the new norm.

Even with the remote work policy adopted by most organisations, there’s no realistic way to advertise the vacancy, screen and interview applicants and eventually onboard without the use of online tools to speed up the process.

Put your brand in front of them

For you to find the best talents, you also need to position and differentiate your organization and the best way to do that is to establish a persona that people want to work for.

Your organisation may have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hire top talent, but you need to position your recruitment process as if you were influencing a purchasing decision. In other words, your job adverts must answer the question why they must choose you?

Offer Competitive Packages

Ultimately, the best way to attract top talent is with competitive offers because candidates are most likely to accept the job with more benefits and highest remuneration package.

If you can’t afford to offer an industry-leading salary or comprehensive health insurance, you can still incentivise candidates to join your team by offering flexible work hours and some other enticing benefits.

No one can know for certain what the future has in store or how the economy might rebound, but is very critical that you build a team of top performers that can take your business through the COVID-19 crisis.

And the core of that team will be your revenue generation team. We have an extensive experience in hiring the best talents in the sales industry using from our pool of 20,000+ market-ready professionals you can call our Revenue Recruitment Consultant on: 09070047681

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