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How to Manage your Sales Team Remotely.


Covid 19 is no doubt changing the way people work.  A company that is not adopting new process and technology is not future ready.

If you have a sales team that travels or moves about a lot then what you do have is a remote team working for you.

Before now you had to call your team together for a meeting and have them give out information and status of clients or prospects.

What if you could manage all this without having them to be physically present and most importantly help you forecast as a team leader, manager or CEO.

This way you can actually know when activities are happening, when and where you need to take up the conversation. Before automation and artificial intelligence, you had to gather data manually which was an uphill task.

However today we want to should share with you tools and creative ways to keep your team on their game with results.

1. Set clear expectations: Let your employees or your team know what clear benchmarks they have to meet. This way they are working with a goal in mind.

You can also get on Zoom or skype with them to analyze where they are on the giving task and also guide them.

2. Invest in resources: This is perharps the most important for productivity purposes. Some organizations have adopted dropbox, google drive and so on for employees to access files online with ease.

Another very crucial software, is your sales software that employees and managers can deploy and one of such is our sales solution software deployed by SalesRuby Ltd for lead generation and getting up to date information on leads, templates for marketing messages, automated follow up system and multifunctional integration to boost productivity. If you want to manage a remote sales team effectively, you need to invest in tools that match their work environment.

3. Encourage positive interaction : Having weekly meetings amongst team members can foster communication better. Everyone gets an opportunity to learn from each other.

The sound of a colleague can actually spark healthy conversation among team members especially when they get to share their experience trying to close deals can bring interest to a remote job.

These meetings should not focus on work only all through, you can talk about trends and happenings that can boost collaboration.

In conclusion when you can manage your team effectively remotely, you even close more deals and engage in efficient work. To get started on your remote sales software needs. Then call 09070047681 or email sales@salesruby.com and our consultant would reach out to you.