Are Your Sales Team Not Performing?
improving sales performance

Maybe the fault is yours, OK, perhaps not entirely.

As a Business Growth Consultant, helping companies achieve top-line revenue growth first through headhunting for exceptional individuals who hit the ground running in achieving revenue growth, I have helped series of clients recruit for revenue related roles. And one of the major reasons I hear about their decision in recruiting new hands is that the previous ones were not driving the expected revenue results. Only a few companies lay off staff because of attitudinal issues. So, does that mean that these employees are not great at their job or do they choose to be a pain point for the company?

After series of studies, learning from my boss and also taking time to speak with or study some business owners, I can boldly say that the fault most times is not on the salesperson/team.

The following issues may add to the reasons for the non-performance of these salespeople;

1- Unstructured Management

It goes without saying that where there is no structure, you can’t find optimal results. When the management of an organization is not structured, it will be difficult for them to drive the sales team the right way.

2- No training plan

You don’t expect your sales team to work optimally without providing opportunities to upskill the team. Sales is an evolutionary role; the techniques needed to sell last year is different from the methods required to sell at this time. Your sales team can’t remain at the same level, and you expect a better result.


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3- Remuneration plan

While salespeople are passionate and self-driven individuals, they also need to be motivated. What motivates salespeople is the sales commission. Review your performance and commission structure with the welfare of the sales team in mind.

4- Sales Optimization Resources

You have a sales team, and there is no sales technology at their disposal, don’t expect magic. Times have changed when salespeople run from door to door to sell. Now they need the combination of technology and field sales resources to get a better result.

Without all these in place, you’ll find your people resigning frequently. If you are expecting more from them, then you are looking for a miracle.

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