In 2019, Don’t Do Business Without Culture
Never run a business without a cultureBumi Jembola

In 2019 you must NEVER run business without culture. In 2019 culture will matter more than brand name. It will determine employee loyalty and even employee performance outputs.

[If there’s something you must do in 2019 it is building an enviable corporate culture however small your business may be. What drives long term business success is culture.

A performance culture drive more sales results than pushing people to sell

An happiness culture make people more positive at work than any motivational speech

A learning culture creates a very knowledgeable workforce

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Most CEO’s and corporate leaders insist that culture is very important to them but all their actions indicate the contrary. For instance you can write excellent contents on your website about how very highly you esteem team work. When a key sales performer consistently demonstrates unacceptably low level of consideration for other team players and you turn the bad eye it becomes obvious

Three things indicate what matters to you: what you punish, what you promote and what you do

Lastly do note that culture always come from leadership. If you do not lead by example no one will follow. Some CEO’s want to outsource their leaderhip in the area of moulding culture and act like they can really be the exception to the rule. If you make yourself an exception to the rules where culture is involved no one in your absense will obey that rule.

We will be teaching how to build a winning corporate culture within your team at the Sales Leadership Conference 2019 as well as other amazing topics and tactics that would help you win big in 2019.

Lastly, think win-win. Whatever you do on the negotiation table the other party should not feel cheated. If they do, you lose a customer for life.

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