Three Ways Walmart Innovates

It's no news that Walmart has been on its feet in the last few years. But how does a regular Brick and Mortar store...
people strategy in execution

Execution is more of a People problem than a Strategy problem

They had gotten everything right for the digital transformation of their leading firm, but something made James totally sleepless at night. As much as...

How to level up as a dev!

“How do I level up as a dev in terms of quality of code written”, I ask myself this question almost all the time. There...

Is knowing HTML, CSS & JS enough to start applying for jobs?

Wow. I get this question everytime and  is a double barrelled one: “Is knowing HTML, CSS & JS enough to start applying for jobs?” And “I have some...

Five common reasons why people become entrepreneurs

Distinctive responses will undoubtedly be received if we ask the number of entrepreneurs their story of becoming...
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