It’s 97 Days to 2019

It is 97 days to 2019 today.

It is time to pursue latent opportunities. No carry-overs.
This morning, I started to aggregate all the deals that we have pursued since January 1 but didn’t close. I am reaching out once again to see if we can do it still. If that’s not possible, I am starting a conversation about how we can have it done in the New Year. If not this particular deal, maybe something else they need. I want to encourage you to do the same. These are your quick wins as the year winds down.
Please do not make the mistake of assuming they are dead deals. From my experience, if your approach is multi-pronged, you either win the contract, or you are well-positioned with the client in the New Year. Talking so early about the New Year is also an opportunity to claim a prime place in the client’s budget priorities for the coming year.

Here’s something else you should do.
Talk with them about their priorities for the coming year. You should not just be a “vendor.” Be a partner and better still, a trusted advisor. Show to your client that they matter more than only their purchases. Show them that you are interested in their priorities and success.

Lastly, the yuletide is a time of gifts and well-wishes. Do not miss the massive opportunity to create an impression with your clients. Don’t be like everyone else; you’d be lost in the pack. Be intentional at creating a memory. When sending your gifts; ensure by all means that you are not doing a ritual but inspiring their emotions and a deep feeling of gratitude. To your best clients, I advise that you write a heartfelt thank you note or better still combine it with a call. Say something like “Sir; we just wanted to thank you, 2019 has been a spectacular business year, particularly because of your support. We do not take it for granted. We are very grateful, sir.”
Ensure that it is personalized and that it touches their emotions.

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