Kidjo vs. Burna: A Lesson on Competition

“Burna Boy is bringing the Grammys home”

This was virtually on every tweet and post all around social media in Nigeria. Somehow, we were pretty sure that a Nigerian was finally going to win a major award such as this. But the show came and left and the category for world music album was given to Angelique Kidjo instead. Now, she did something, she dedicated the award to him. From a perspective, you may ask why she was acknowledging her competition but from another, it is pretty clear what she did. She recognized his talent and hard work and gave him the honor and encouragement he deserved.



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Another person that does this is Oprah Winfrey, one of the world’s leading talk show who sometimes hosts celebrities on her page. Before her metric rise to fame, she was the only black woman on television in the 80s with other talk shows having all white people. But she did not let that stop her and today she one of the world’s wealthiest woman.


As a business or organization, at times we feel threatened by our competition and we start trying to outdo them. We check their records and try to beat it but it’s not meant to be so.

The only person we should constantly strive to beat is ourselves- being a better version of ourselves.

Look at the last win you got, how can you top that? Acknowledge that your competition is good whether they are better than you or not. It gives you a certain peace of mind rather than constantly pondering on what their next step is going to be.

Pick up your own project today, work on it. Perfect it and watch how your growth comes naturally.

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