Leading Sales during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Up to 95 percent of the Fortune 1000 across the globe, and businesses in Nigeria have been impacted by the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And as viruses know no border, the impact will continue to spread leading to the failure of different companies to generate revenue. Your approach to sales needs a shift and if you play your cards right, you can come out on the other side of the pandemic stronger.

Here are a few sales strategies that you can use to sustain or improve revenue amidst the pandemic

Generate More Business Leads Now

Just like stocking up supplies for personal needs during lockdown, you also need to “stock up” on sales prospects and aggressively build your pipeline. Even if your business is not in an industry that is seriously impacted by Coronavirus, there is possibility that the crisis induced by the virus could result in severe economic impacts. Your business needs to have a long list of prospective clients to work with on long term basis.

Propose Solutions to Help with Coronavirus Concerns

Lots of things are changing rapidly in different aspects of life and this is the time to be fluid in your approach to business primarily to survive the pandemic. Depending on what types of B2B solutions you sell, your prospects might already be having significant pain points and concerns about the Coronavirus. Now comes the time for serious evaluation on how to reposition the key benefits of your offerings based on the Coronavirus concerns.

For example, many companies are shifting towards remote working and encouraging people to work from home leading to more use of software solutions that facilitate remote work.

Transform your Sales Pitch

The same selling points for your product that already were relevant before the Coronavirus might still work, but you might need to slightly adjust your sales pitch to frame your solutions for people’s most urgent concerns. The pain points of your prospects have changed, so direct your sales approach to the deepest pain points of your prospects.

This is the time for you to understand and utilise emotional triggers. If your pitch doesn’t hit an emotional high note at this period, you won’t likely close a deal.

Life may not totally go back to normal right away. You need to look for ways to stay in business and keep generating revenue. You can learn more sales tactics and strategies to drive revenue in times like this from revenue experts across different industries from the Sales Leadership Conference 2020 training. Call 09070047684 to get yours.

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