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Marketing in the wake of COVID-19

Corona virus

If you are like many organizations, then it probably means you have structured your policies and budget for this year.

What then happens in the wake of a pandemic like COVID-19 which disrupts process to businesses and organization.

This will definitely test most of us. However, there have companies who have stood out in times like this.

During the second world war we had Marks & Spenser produce ration clothing’s in Britain.

Today we see companies like Givenchy and Christian Dior supporting the production of hand sanitizers which is laudable.

This brands want to keep being relevant and that is what marketing is really about.

The temptation to abandon everything and wait for clients to come back is huge.

As marketers we need to understand that it is times like this we can stand out and build equity in the mind of customers.

A thorough look at today’s channel shows businesses focusing on COVID- 19 rather that still building and engaging customers.

Here are some takeaways for you in your marketing strategy

* Increase your content marketing – This is content that you use on your company blogs, website and other media channels.

* Use more of video content – Videos have showed to increase conversion rate and keep people engaged.

* Update & Review your website – This is a great time to have this done because more people would have time to visit your webpage. Dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

* Improve your SEO – Your ranking is important as more users are prone to do searching in this time. How about working on ranking first.

* Increase your social media post with a strategy behind it – This is the best period to show the personality of your products and services.

We are definitely hopeful the crisis would end soon. At this point it is best to think long term because after everything your customers will be back to their daily lives.