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Merrill lynch is leading it’s customers to live to 100 years

Bank of america

The world is getting better with technology and health management, children and adults can now achieve up to 90+ in age.

This means already ignored age-range from 50 and above will have a lot of impact on purchases. Some researchers have cause to think about the monetary reasons to look at these demographic figures and not focus only on Millenials and Gen Z.

Now that we know there is a change, that means there is an opportunity to design products that fit into these demographics and Bank of America is already doing this (since 2014 ) by identifying these needs and its business impact.

So what did they do differently?

They created some programs addressing the question “Are You Fit to Live to 100?” this allowed their organization to set a culture fit policy that will help employees design and innovate products that match these demographics.

We know dreamers are often mocked as impractical. The truth is they are the most practical, as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us.”

I think that sounds interesting!

If you are looking to grow as an organization then you have got to take a strategic look at how your organization wants to look like in the next coming years.

A.1, robotics, and machine learning are beginning to change the ways companies think and how job roles function.

How are we preparing our staff for that future or how should you prepare them?