Prioritizing KPIs For Remote Selling
remote selling KPI

Let’s be honest, just because someone is putting all the efforts and showing up does not necessarily mean such an individual is driving results. In the same vein, reps can be more productive and effective at generating sales when working/selling remotely.

With the current shift in the world economy and the operation of workforce, we cannot deny that remote work has become more prevalent. It’s imperative to adapt to the new way of things. However, it’s important to put in place KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that make it easy to track success across a period of time.

This will help keep the whole team focused on a central goal (generating revenue) even while working remotely. So how can we set the right KPIs that help generate outstanding sales/revenue even during these times? Let’s get into it:

Shorter Sales Cycle

Looking for ways to shorten the sales cycle is one of the easiest ways to increase revenue.  Faster sales cycles represent a smooth sales process and a highly compelling message to buyers. And some of the best KPIs to measure around shorter sales cycle include those that absolutely give your sellers more time to actually sell.

When sellers spend less time on things such as searching for content, they can dedicate more time to getting in touch with prospects, developing meaningful relationships, and taking any other action that drives decisions from buyers.

Increased Customer Value

Finding ways to deliver more value to your current customer base is an important consideration for anyone that wants to see an effectiveness in the sales process. Especially during times like this, creating more value for your existing customers is crucial for companies looking to keep revenue coming in from the existing customer base.

Some great KPIs can give sales professionals into what value customers from their products. With this in mind, you need KPIs around cross-sell & upsell rates which will indicate customers getting enough out of your product to double or increase their investment.

Keeping in mind these key rules is what will help define your revenue especially at a time organizations are tightening their belts making efforts to be more efficient ensuring the do more with less.

Do you need specialized training to help ramp up the efficiency of your sales team enabling them to do more with less? Or you need a sales managers that understands what it takes to sell during these times,. Call 09070047684 or send an email to

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