Retrospect of Year 2019

2019 was an incredible year for me professionally. It was also an excellent year personally, so I want to be clear that I point out everything separately so I won’t be mixing all together.

This year ending today came with a number of new opportunities and because I feel like careers are often opaque, I want to do something a bit different. As I walk through the retrospective view this year, I plan to focus on what led me to each opportunity and how God first and my previous work helped me get there. If you’re interested in doing some of the I’ve done, feel free, perhaps it will be of great help to you also.

Rivers State ICT Department (Tech Creek)

For earliest and most of 2019, I worked at Tech Creek, Port Harcourt, Rivers State as a Co-working participant. Where I was a Software Developer, they majorly outsourced software development projects to me, as within my skillset. I worked there January 10th – June 14th, 2019.

Quite a few things happened in that role that allowed me to grow in other areas:

  • I was exposed to a variety of technologies, teams, and projects which was realized through my personal development, all thanks to God for giving me grace to be able to develop myself, lol. Don’t mind me, no jokes. I saw and practiced so many different things that I started to have a strong sense of what patterns and processes were more successful than others.
  • I started to zero in on my favorite areas of tech, that’s I picked a niche for myself. I really enjoyed frontend and matching projects to the right frameworks, but that doesn’t mean, I’ve got no idea of backend tech as related to my niche, that’s JavaScript. I found that diving into the details of JavaScript was a lot of fun.
  • I had the opportunity of developing a huge agriculture project with the following tools: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, just the frontend, while the backend is Python and Postgres. But sadly its still not live.

During 2019 I participated in number of events:

10+ events

2 States of Nigeria.

That being said, I think late June, July and August was rough months for me, in short it started since March. I think I still have something to say about the events I attended. For me, I realized that attending events wouldn’t and didn’t scale that much. So the goal for 2020 is to pay attention to events less, but work in an irregular manner.

Hurray! Sales Ruby

In July, I sent a job application to Sales Ruby, as a Frontend Developer, and was employed August 29th, but I started 2nd September. It was really an intriguing job working on my newly found niche, and as it turns out, everything I’d done in the first quarter of 2019 and before had set me up perfectly for this role. I have wonderful team mates and get to collaborate with Chisom Jude (Backend Developer), a beautiful and charming female, and guess what; we are same birth months. I was a surprised! Why because, she’s the first backend female developer that I met with physically and had the honour of working with her too. Guess what? She’s good, a brilliant PHP Developer.

Sales Ruby is gradually making me a better developer, not to be on one stack only, lol, JavaScript, but to have a clue on the rest stacks. I rate myself on a scale of 1-10. How well of a developer am I? I was a 2, but now I can beat my chest I’m a 3, lol.

I hadn’t planned any of this. Sleep refused to come knocking at my eyes, so I thought while wasting your resting hours, then a thought of narrowing down 2019 year in review came to my head, that someone might be needing it and it could be you.


I had awesome activities in 2019 that helped me grow personally and career-wise. I met awesome, loving individuals that were in tech space too. For online activity; I’m not much of a twitter person. I’m active on the following Github (, LinkedIn ( and Facebook (

I’m a member of JavaScript Developers Group, Facebook Developers Circle, Lagos Group and codingstorytime group all on Facebook. So you can guess why I’m always active on facebook.

I’ve met 2 awesome, loving, great, challenging senior developers, that have become best of friends with me and I with them, even without seeing me; they are Moya Richards and Nicholas Barnaby. They’ve been helping my coding life, and I’m grateful.

Prospective 2020

So what’s next? I honestly don’t know. I have got plenty of work to do at Sales Ruby and I’m optimistic about it, because I’m going to be working in an irregular manner next year. I’m hoping to continue writing, though likely at a slower rate, maybe one post weekly, though I don’t have a fixed day for it. Writing of codes more because that’s my life.

I’m excited for the new year. But I’ll look back on this one fondly.

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