Selling Right in the Coronavirus Era

At the beginning of the year, everyone anticipated growth in different aspects of life but alas, it has been a hell of a year.

Currently, it is the episode of the coronavirus and this one has hit the whole world hard, that whoever you meet has been affected in a way. But sales must go on.

Imagine for a moment that you just got bad news, how would you prefer people approach you? Like a pesky salesman?

The voice at the other end of the line sounds professional because he has to, not because he is fine. So how do you sell to people who are going through a lot? The answer is empathy. As a salesperson, it is understandable that you are working with commissions, but don’t use that to push hard. You are likely not going to close any deals soon though so follow these simple rules and you will still get the chance to close those deals later.

  • Stop selling value: Now is probably not the best time to sell value. People are losing loved ones or money or some other stuff that’s enough to keep down in the dumps. Interact with their personal side. Treat them as human and be rest assured you’ll still get your chance to sell later.
  • Stop talking: It is time to stop talking and start listening. Everyone feels the need to be heard and now will be a good time to really be heard. Don’t go with the usual greetings and move on to your pitch. Take time to listen to what they might be going through. You might even get to see an angle to sell from.
  • Form those bonds: people say not to mix business and personal life together but there might be a glitch now. No one’s searching for a formal relationship now. We need friends, especially going through these hard times. Don’t cut off the relationship now because they aren’t buying. Invest in people and build the trust, they’ll come later.
  • Reduce the follow up frequency: You’ve probably been taught that you should follow up on prospects consistently so you will be on their mind. But now is not the best time for that. As everyone has been thrown into panic mode and taking cover, they wouldn’t want to hear about catching up soon.

You could still try to set meetings with your prospects but be considerate about the present state of things.

To wrap up, let’s all remain positive. The world has seen hard times in form of wars and plagues and other pandemics but it moved on. Let us remain calm and have a positive mindset towards these hard times. This will surely pass.

But till then, let’s stay at home and stay safe. Salesruby wishes everyone health and a speedy recovery. We are all in this together.

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