Six Women who defined Business for 2019

I can bet it with you that if you could cure cancer, you may well become Bill gates of medicine and cash out big time. That was what Emma Wamsley was thinking when she secured the key to GlaxoSmithKline’s future by acquiring Tesaro Inc. in January for $5.1 billion.

Number 2 on this list is the millennial entertainer known as Rihanna. If you see a popular hairstyle or dressing by a millennial (those born from early 80’s to mid 90’s) you can certainly trace it back to Riri. In May of this year, she became the first woman of color to create an original fashion label at LVMH SE in 32years. Get in line and get a “fenty”.

Number 3 on this list goes to a member of the Kardashian family. Yeah! Don’t worry I asked myself the same thing.  Unlike her other family members who got their fame from the popular reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”

Kyle Jenner is actually the world’s youngest Gen Z billionaire (those born from mid-90’s to late 90’s). She is an entrepreneur who influences millions of Gen Z. A tweet of her product or an Instagram post about it can drive sales by 200% or more. Little wonder she is one of the biggest influencers in history of social media with a crazy ROI.

Number 4 makes it everything seem like a piece of cake. In an era’s where some people think it’s a man’s world, people like Vicky Hollub keeps proving them wrong on inclusion and gender equality. An eleventh hour power play helped secure Occidental a takeover of Anadarko Petrol Corp which ranks has one of the biggest acquisition in 2019.

If you grew up watching Channels TV and NTA channel 5 chances are that ; you have seen the “Pinky and the Brain”. The funny genius character that tries to take over the world without success. It’s producer Warner Bros Inc. (one the biggest movie producers in the world) has never had a female CEO in more than 3 decades but this year Ann Saenoff resumed has CEO making her one of top women influencers in business today.

Number 6 is an invaluable asset. If you have the formula to cutting your company cost by more than half and generating more revenue, then you could be on your way to becoming a champion at your organization or better still the CEO.

Lisa Su is one woman you will like to have on your team. As CEO of AMD the computer microchip processor. She has succeeded in reducing the cost of their processor to an all-time low. Talk about a miracle worker. Lisa has been featured on Forbes, Bloomberg 50 etc. as one of the leading women in technology.

Key takeaways.

1.Learn how and when to negotiate.

2.Build your personal brand.

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