For some months now I’ve been writing about mistakes software developer do make. As my last article heading was “3 Mistakes Junior Web Developers Make”, you can see that it’s been having the word “Mistakes”, and these and more are some of the mistakes a developer make.

From my experience:

  1. Running for salary, against looking at company atmosphere and relations among personnel.
  2. Falling upon ads that advertise pool, billiard, all fun no work, instead of looking at specific projects.


Being a software developer means that you must not treat yourself like other occupations. You do not need to grab a job that offers higher starter salary. No, you are a developer. You will have money, if not today, then in 2 years. But you cannot return 2 years given to a company that will not make you grow, take that seriously.

What a smart developer should do:

  1. Look at the company where you can grow your EXPERIENCE.


  1. Do not look at companies that mimic Google. Because you would realize that you were still on the same spot, if you are not practicing your skill hard aside your company. You need a company where you will grow your experience in your niche.


  1. Be aware that you are in a lucrative business and that you will have money in a few years, more than 90% other people, that’s why you must unlearn, relearn, learn everyday.


  1. Look at company atmosphere! If people inside the company are enemies, you will feel miserable.


  1. Look how many developers a company has. And then try to talk to a developer from it and see how they feel about the company. In most larger companies, developers are treated the worst, in spite that they are earning most money from the company. I have seen companies where sales or managements drive expensive cars, and developers are given crumbs.


  1. Look at the product a company is making. You will have to work on that product. If it’s boring, you will be bored.


  1. Do not fall for initial salary!!! EVER!!! Most companies can offer you 20% more money for start, but they are slow on promoting. In a few years, you will be on the same spot if you have chosen another company that offered 20% less.


  1. Know that large company will not treat you equally as the small one. Is it better to be expert in XYZ where you are 1 of 55 people? Or where you are 1 of 3?


  1. Look at the PASSION inside a company. I have never seen bad company with good passion.


Lastly, although being a developer that just passed out of a boot camp, try to think of a niche that you would like to do. And then find company that offers that technology. If you work on something that is your passion, you will grow 3 times faster, believe me.

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