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Still on non-technical writing | Six keys to job success 2020

Choosing the key to success from hanging keys concept for aspirations, achievement and incentive

To be successful in today’s ultra-competitive job market, you need to be a good communicator in both written and oral format, be able to negotiate better than your peers, have the ability to trust others, listen actively, be flexible to organizational changes, and be highly skilled at your job. Once you master these six keys, you will rise above the pack and establish yourself as a productive and valuable employee.

Good communication skills

Not only will help you land the job you desire but will also help you keep it, and get a promotion faster than you ever thought possible. Having good communication skills means you are able to interact with others in a way that they would want to listen to what you are saying, remember it and act upon it. Additionally, you have good communication skills when you are able to take a highly complex topic, synthesize it, and deliver it in bite-sized chunks of information that your audience is able to take in, process and remember. If you can do this, you are already successful at your job and are on your way up the corporate ladder.

Being a good negotiator

Will help you greatly in a wide range of situations, whether you are trying to get a prospective employer to offer you a higher salary or better fringe benefits, or you are trying to secure your next promotion, or you are trying to convince your management to give your team the set of features or initiatives with the highest business value and visibility. If you don’t know how to negotiate well, you will not be successful at your job.

Trusting others to do their best work

Not only will help you become more successful by freeing up your calendar massively, but your peers and the people you lead will respect and value you more because you trust them to do their job, rather than micromanaging them. The people you lead will feel valued due to the simple fact that they know they are trusted they can do a good job without their manager hovering over their heads every five minutes.

Active listening

Is another very important skill that you must possess in order to be successful at the job. This means that you must become genuinely interested when someone is talking and do not interrupt them before they are finished to voice your opinion. If you listen actively, you will gain the respect and admiration of people in your organization, because no one likes to feel ignored and belittled.


Will help you secure long-term success in the workplace because you are able to wear different hats and quickly shift gears, use your skillset and apply it to a different role within the organization, learn new technologies, etc. People who are not adaptable have short-lived careers, or find themselves stuck with no salary increase, or even worse can get laid off because they are no longer of value to their organization.

Lastly and of equal importance

To job success is, of course, job knowledge. This means you must be able to complete the work assigned to you, whether it’d be completing your user stories, meeting your sales quota, completing a project on time and within budget, or helping your students earn scores within range. You must be able to perform and deliver results. There is no job success without this.

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