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The Cold Stone Experience


Majority of us have been to Cold Stone Creamery, the number one ice cream joint in the world. But it is also very expensive. An average ice cream with basically the same taste would cost a whole much less but it isn’t stopping us from patronizing them. So, why are they getting the customers, when you sell the same thing for just ₦300? EXPERIENCE!

They give customers a very special experience with every visit. Other ice cream stores would just have the basic walk in-request-collect-pay-leave routine but Cold Stone Creamery does a lot more than that. If you’ve been there before, you’d have noticed some of these;

  • Their ice creams are made in their various locations. It’s not delivered from a major “production point”. So, you are convinced on how fresh and authentic it is. There’s something psychological about eating something fresh. Have you noticed food seems sweeter when it’s just cooked than when it’s warmed?

  • As customers, you have the choice of making exactly what you want. It’s your mix, your toppings, your choice. Going as a group of friends, you could all do different creations and see whose tastes better. An experience, right?

  • Take a cake, take an ice cream and fuse it together. Yup, they have that. An ice cream cake. Imagine asking your little kid if they want an ice cream cake. What do you think their answer would be? Why wouldn’t they disturb you to go back there?
  • If you have health issues, either diabetic or allergic to stuff, they have special offers for you too. So, everyone gets to have a hit of Cold Stone ice cream.

  • Did you know there is a Cold Stone Creamery: Scoop It Up game on Wii where you run an ice cream shop, unlocking new flavors and cones? They are unconsciously imprinting their brand in the mind of their players.

  • Finally, while researching for this content, I found out that if you tip an employer there, they are required to sing to you, no matter how goofy the song might be. I guess I know what I’m going to be doing when next I get an ice cream from one of their stores.

What’s the point of this write-up? It’s to make you realize you can do more. Your product or service might be good and probably what people want but do you give them an experience that will bring them back for more? Think about it and drop your comments.

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