The Missing Factor

Innovations are a part of our everyday life. With every passing day, a new idea is brought into the business world and it’s up to us as entrepreneurs and business owners to jump on the bandwagon early so we could eat the largest chunk of the cake. And today, mobile apps are becoming the rave.

Everyone’s doing it now. It might not be among your priorities but it should. There are actually lots of ways mobile apps change the game of a business.

About 68% of the population own a Smartphone and even more have access to one. That number grows every year by 58%. On an average, people spend 162 minutes of their day on their smartphones and 90% of that time is spent on apps.

81% of people that need a product or service searches it online and 26% researches on apps that deliver the product. And in the next five years, business apps download is expected to grow by 16%.

Personally, if you think about it, the more online recognition a company has, the stronger your trust in them becomes. Getting an application for your company gives you more online visibility and brand recognition. Your company comes off as a bigger company which could get you more customers.

Also, with an app, all your services are gathered in one place. It’s easier to market your services through that means. With promotions and adverts running there, your customers are engaged. That builds loyalty among them, especially if you give them discounts for using your services on the app.

When Domino’s released their first pizza ordering mobile app, they got a profit spike of 28% on day one and an even better increase of 52% the very next day. The importance of a mobile app cannot be overemphasized. It is the next big thing for every brand. Don’t be left out of this important part of the 21st century innovation.

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