The Ponzi No One Told You About

Can you “invest” a dollar and get a million dollars? Well, It may not be possible.

Can you give a million dollars to anyone who says, “Hi, meet my friend. If you introduce him to your friend, he’ll give you a million dollars?” It sounds implausible.

This is exactly how the common pyramid scheme, popularly known as Ponzi, works. It could be that people just want quick gains and don’t want to follow due processes as these schemes tend to attract just about anyone and sadly, many have been a victim.

In our research, we found out three common ponzi schemes that have not yielded results for many. People only want to participate in industries that are driving results. They want to be the next Google, Opay, Domino’s or Uber. They go where the results are which hasn’t been the case for Ponzi schemes.

Ponzi schemes are known to use new members’ funds to pay off existing members and the circle remains profitable until someone drops out and refuses to remit theirs. This is a story all too familiar for Nigerians. What if I told you that you can do better and get more results?

There are so many formulas out there that are working, but it takes a foresight thinking to grow and lead people or companies in results many of which the biggest brands in Nigeria use that you can adapt to your business at any level or meet key decision makers in your industry.

There are actually strategic ways to get money by integrating quality sales strategies, processes and value driven systems that can get you the type of revenue that you need in 2020.  To get all these and more tactics then attend the Sales Leadership Conference with leading sales professionals such as Bunmi Jembola, Onyinye Ikenna-Emeka etc. who have driven sales in numbers.

sales leadership conference

sales leadership conference

This is not an opportunity that can be missed if you are looking to enter real exponential increase in your numbers in sales and revenue this year.

Visit to know more about the event.

See you there.

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