Three Shifts to Improve your Sales in Times of Uncertainty

Weeks are gradually turning into months and we have to live with the ugly truth that the world is still battling with the coronavirus. What’s uglier is that the world is losing a lot – lives, faith, jobs, revenue, etc.

A lot of companies, unfortunately, have lost so much in revenue that they’ve had to cut down on so much, including employees. But could it be because they’ve not adapted to the current era?

Selling your product is essential for generating revenue so doing it the wrong way would definitely not generate revenue. So, at a time of uncertainty, when it feels like no one would buy what you have to offer, how do you get them to buy?

  1. Optimize your Message

They say you have to learn what your prospects want and you can do that through discussions, surveys, buying patterns, etc. and it is different wants for different people.

Now, the case is different. Everyone wants pretty much the same things; to save money for the core essentials and how to maximize them. It’s no wonder some companies have ventured into food delivery now. Everyone wants food.

People have cut down on their ‘extra’ expenses. No one is focused on luxuries anymore; no clubbing, no traveling. The worst case scenario might be yet to come and as much as we try to prevent it, we still prepare for it.

You now know what’s on everyone’s mind. The message you are passing across to your prospects, are you making your product seem like a necessity or are you just selling to make money?

  1. Optimize your Buying Journey

Everyone is going through something, even the world’s richest men. No one wants the extra stress. Put yourself in their shoes and take away all the things that would discourage you from buying a product now.

Remove the frictions, practice transparency, give your prospects all the information they need as quickly and easily as possible. Don’t give them the extra stress of making research about your product. When you give a prospect both the pros and cons of your products, they trust you more. They wouldn’t feel the need to go make their own findings again.

Don’t forget discounts. Be ready to give discounts. You can’t afford to record a loss in both revenue, as well as customer base. But be responsible with it too. Don’t give discounts like you are running a charity.


  1. Don’t Stop Selling

Sure you’ve advertised a few times and no one seems to give you the time of the day. Don’t stop selling. Right now, a lot is on their minds and they are still not a hundred on what they want. Just keep reminding them that it’s an essential need for them. They’ll come around.

Besides the more you advertise, the more you’ll become an expert at your product and you’ll become more confident in your sales. Buyers sense that, you know.

The covid-19, like every other virus, will pass. Things will get back to normal. Think of the customers you would have added to your circle just by showing empathy alone. Don’t be too salesy now, everyone’s fighting this battle together.

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