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Stranger in my Bed – A Dyslexia Parody


If you grew up in a Nigerian home like me; then you know that if you weren’t learning fast and maybe coming last in class.

Parents even teachers may label you “Olodo” and mess up your childhood which means you had to compensate by being Juvenile or worse case depressed.

What if you got to know that some children actually have reading disorders caused by dyslexia who is most likely a stranger to most of us? It takes them 100 times higher to put words together than the average kid.

It is not a mistake when you hear that those people who had lower grades in school tend to perform better in real life situations.

The sole reason why this happens is because of compensation. They compensated for their lack in one area to working to improve the other area.

Those of us that passed well hardly see the need to compensate because it comes easy.

The same thing applies in business which can be a trajectory for growth. Every organization and individuals have strength and weakness.

When you are able to identify your weakness you can compensate by heightening the alternative.

David Boies was someone who had dyslexia which means he had problem reading.

He only found out late in life about his problem. However, something interesting happened to him that changed his life forever.

David had always wanted to be lawyer and found out he didn’t need an undergraduate degree to enter law school. But with his reading disability he had to look for strategic ways to read.

We all know how Law schools is for readers but David started looking for shortcuts, he found out that there were summaries of cases and trials that could help him beat out hours of reading.

He adopted this method and today David is one of the most famous trail lawyers in the world.

What is your weakness as a business and how do you think you can adopt David Boies strategy and become the best at what you do?

I ask again what if your child was Dyslexia? I know it is not something any parent should actually pray for.